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leaf Mulligatawney Soup
Delicately spiced soup made from roasted chicken and lentils (add chicken $1).
House Salad
Healthy greens, cucumbers, tomatoes and onions tossed with a lemon dressing.
Chicken Salad
Tandoori roasted chicken breast, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, onions tossed with a lemon dressing.


leaf Papadom
Crisp pepper-spiked cracker, served roasted or fried.
leaf Vegetable Somosa
Crisp pyramid shaped pastries stuffed with mildly spiced potatoes & peas (2 pcs).
Meat Somosa
Crisp pyramid shaped pastries stuffed with minced lamb & peas (2 pcs.).
leaf Mix Pakora
Fresh onion, green pepper, potatoes and spinach dipped in chickpea flour batter, fried till golden brown.
leaf Onion Bhaji
Sliced onions dipped in light spicy chickpea flour batter & deep fried.
Aloo Tikki Cholle
Aloo tikki topped with chickpeas and ground spices, finished off with our house yogurt, tamarind & mint chutney.
leaf Aloo Tikki
Delicately seasoned and spiced potato patties fried to a golden brown (2 pcs.).
Paneer Pakora
Indian cheese stuffed with mint chutney, dipped in chickpea flour batter, fried till golden brown.
Murg Pakora
Boneless pieces of chicken dipped in chickpea flour batter, fried till a nice golden brown.
Seekh Kabab
Minced lamb marinated overnight with aromatic herbs and dried ground spices wrapped around a skewer & roasted in the Tandoor.
Tandoor Sampler Veg: $11 Meat: $13
Veg includes: 2 samosas, 2 pcs mix pakora, 2 pcs onion bhaji, 1 aloo tikki, 2 paneer pakoras. Meat includes: meat samosas, murg pakoras, chicken tikka, seekh kabab. 2 pcs of each.
Pick your flavor of curry with your choice of:

Chicken~$15.95    Lamb ~ $16.95     Fish~$16.95

(Choose your level of spice: mild, medium, hot)

Traditional Curry
Tandoor’s house sauce prepared with ginger, garlic, onions tomatoes, and fresh ground spices (add vegetables $1.00) .
Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken) ~ House Favorite!
White meat chicken cubes marinated overnight & then roasted in the Tandoor, folded into a rich creamy tomato sauce. A Northern Indian Specialty!
Rogan Josh
Originated in Kashmir, a sauce made from our house yogurt, tomatoes, ginger-garlic paste and fresh ground aromatic spices.
Moglai Korma
Moglai korma originates from the north of India, and is cooked with almonds and cashews in a creamy base, with cardamoms and saffron to give it added flavor and aroma.
Tikka Masala
Marinated in a special mixture of tandoori red spices and yogurt and roasted slowly in the ‘tandoor’ – the clay oven. The tikka is then cooked in a rich and creamy mildly spiced masala sauce.
The origins of this traditional Indian dish can be traced back to the time of the Moghuls. Small pieces of sliced onion are sautéed with vegetables cooked and served in a traditional indian wok.
Madras Curry
Madras curry is a blend of herbs and spices that originated in the South of India (Chennai). Cooked with coconut, ginger and whole dried spices.
The most popular dish in Punjab, India! Fresh spices cooked in a creamy and flavorful spinach gravy.
A blend of spicy masalas cooked in a tomato based curry with potatoes.
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Gobhi Manchurian
Fresh cauliflower deep fried, cooked in sweet and sour sauce.
Chicken 65
Small cubes of white meat chicken marinated and cooked in a tangy, spicy house sauce.
Chilli paneer
Stir-fried home made paneer cheese flavored w/ginger and garlic, tossed with sweet & chili peppers.
 menu tandoor indian restaurant sarasota
Rice and fresh vegetables sautéed together with golden raisins, cashews and saffron with your choice of:

Vegetable~$14    Chicken~$15    Lamb~$16    Shrimp~$17
Tandoori Special Biryani~$21
Kashmiri Pulao
Aromatic Basmati Rice cooked with green peas, nuts, raisins & saffron garnished with dried fruit.
 menu tandoor indian restaurant sarasota
Please allow 15-20 minutes for the tandoori items to be cooked.

Chicken Tandoori Half $14 Full $20
Succulent Chicken on the bone marinated overnight in our house yogurt, ground spice & ginger garlic paste mixture, roasted in the Tandoor.
Chicken Tikka
Juicy chunks of boneless chicken marinated in a mix of our house yogurt, herbs and spices.
Seek Kabab
Minced lamb marinated overnight in a mix of aromatic herbs, onion paste & fresh spices.
Boti Kabab
Tender boneless cubes of lamb marinated in our house yogurt, garlic-ginger paste & aromatic spices.
Tandoor Shrimp
Shrimp marinated in mild spices, house yogurt & ginger-garlic paste, skewered & slow roasted in the Tandoor.
Mix Tandoori Platter
An assortment of our exotic Tandoori specialties.
 menu tandoor indian restaurant sarasota
Dishes with leaf are vegan.

leaf Baingan Bharta
Roasted and pureed eggplant cooked with tomatoes, onions, garlic, and ginger.
leaf Channa Masala
Chickpeas tossed with fresh tomatoes and onions.
Dal Makhini
Slow simmered black lentils flavored with cream tomatoes, ginger and onions.
leaf Aloo Gobhi ki Sabzi
Potatoes and cauliflower cooked with fresh herbs and spices.
leaf Aloo Matar ki Sabzi
Potatoes & fresh green peas cooked in turmeric, tomatoes, dried herbs & spices.
Navratan Shahi Korma
Fresh Vegetables cooked in a rich cashew flavored creamy sauce.
Paneer Butter Masala
Fresh homemade cottage cheese cubes folded into a rich creamy tomato sauce.
Paneer Korma
Fresh home made cheese cooked in a rich cashew flavored creamy sauce.
Vegetable Malai Kofta
Cottage cheese and potato dumplings choose korma or butter sauce.
leaf Bhindi Masala
Okra seared with ginger, dry mango powder and seasoning.
leaf Aloo Saag
Potatoes cooked with fresh spinach, fresh herbs & mild dried spices.
leaf Bombay Aloo
Cubes of potatoes cooked along with onions & tomatoes.
Saag Paneer
Cubes of home made cheese & fresh creamy spinach.
Matar Paneer
Homemade cheese cubes cooked with fresh green peas in our house sauce.
leaf Dal Tadka
Slow Simmered yellow lentils cooked with ginger, garlic, tomatoes & onions.
leaf Mushroom Do Piaza
Mushrooms cooked with onions, tomatoes, and green peppers, garlic-ginger & mild indian spices.
 menu tandoor indian restaurant sarasota
Mango Chutney
Mint Chutney
Tamrind Chutney
Mixed Pickle
Tikka Masala Sauce ~ 8 oz.
Yogurt with cucumber, grated carrots and spices.
 menu tandoor indian restaurant sarasota
Whole wheat bread.
Garlic Naan
Naan sprinkled with fresh chopped garlic.
Stuffed Naans
Stuffed with your choice of:
Aloo (potatoes) / Onions / Chili / Cheese
Keema (Lamb) / Pashwari (nuts & raisins) / Coconut
Laacha Prantha
A Layered leavened bread.
Poori - 2 pcs.
Whole wheat puffed bread, hand rolled & deep fried.
 menu tandoor indian restaurant sarasota
All Desserts $5
Gulab Jamun
Round dumplings made from fresh condensed milk, fried till golden brown and immersed in 5saffron flavored sugar syrup.
Pan roasted Basmati Rice cooked in milk flavored with saffron and cardamom.
Malai Kulfi
Rich & Creamy ice cream flavored with Pistachios, Cashews & Raisins.
Mango Ice cream
Homemade creamy ice cream made from real Indian Mango pulp.
Sweet & tender dumplings of cottage cheese served in sweetened milk flavored with pistachios, saffron & cardamom.
 menu tandoor indian restaurant sarasota
Mango Lassi
Sweet or Salted Lassi
Lassi is a popular and savory traditional yogurt drink. It originated in Punjab India.
Mango Nectar Juice
A deliciously sweet juice made from real mangoes.
Traditional Chai Tea (with cream and sugar)
Pick Hot or Iced.
Darjeeling Black Tea
Pick Hot or Iced.
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Sweet Tea, Ginger ale.
 menu tandoor indian restaurant sarasota
Charles de Fere “Cuvee Jean Louis”, Brut Blanc de Blancs, France - 187ml Split
So fine that it seems to dance in the glass and on the palate. A basketful of small berry fruit, currants, and black cherry.
Laurent-Perrier “Cuvée Rosé” Brut Champagne, Tours-sur-Marne, France
So fine that it seems to dance in the glass and on the palate. A basketful of small berry fruit, currants, and black cherry.
Laurent-Perrier “Le Grand Siècle” Brut Champagne, Tours-sur-Marne, France
A masterpiece! Honey and truffles, candied pears and grilled almonds are followed by notes of brioche and white flowers.
White Wine
Pinot Grigio, Luna Vineyards, Napa, California
Pear, green apple, white peach, jasmine and hints of Asian spice with a delicious lemony finish.
Chenin Blanc, Indaba, Western Cape, South Africa
Crisp and refreshing pineapple, kiwi, melon, banana, peach and honey.
Fume Blanc, Dry Creek, Sonoma, California
Kaffir lime in harmony with Meyer lemon, Granny Smith apple and a dash of white pepper.
Sauvignon Blanc, Dashwood, Marlborough, New Zealand
Vivaciously crisp, showcasing gooseberry, citrus and fresh tropical fruit flavors through to the finish.
Chardonnay “Reserva”, Veramonte, Casablanca, Chile (Oak Aged)
Peach, nectarine and a hint of banana and toasty oak, with a fresh vibrant finish.
Chardonnay, Caves de Lugny, Macon Villages, France (Unoaked)
Citrus, peach, apricot and white flowers. Beautifully balanced. Buttery, yet crisp.
Conundrum White Blend, Caymus Vineyards, California
Lavender and honeysuckle, rich flavors of green apple, ripe peache & spice, silky smooth, lightly sweet
Riesling, Stonecap, Columbia Valley, Washington State
Sweet, sunny, ripe peach and apricot accented with notes of honey and apple. Fresh and juicy.
Red Wine
Pinot Noir, Bouchard Ainé, Burgundy, France
Jammy black currant and black cherry flavors followed by a long lasting vanilla-tinged finish.
Pinot Noir, Belle Glos “Meiomi”, California
Encases the mouth with a velvety richness. Supple, spicy and succulent dark berries, sweet cream & oak.
Cotes du Rhone "St. Esprit Rouge", Delas Freres, France
Spice-accented black cherry, violet, licorice, pepper and plum flavors.
Garnacha "Old Vines", Lo Nuevo, Calatayud, Spain
Beautifully balanced, elegant and delicious ripe cherry, raspberry, and currant.
Tempranillo, Maximo, Castilla La Mancha, Spain
Melted chocolate, mocha, blackberry, cassis cordial and raspberry with a touch of Indian spice.
Malbec, Tilia, Mendoza, Argentina
Full, yet soft and supple ripe black fruits, cassis and black pepper mingled with notes of sweet spice.
Merlot “R Collection”, Raymond, Sonoma, California
Mellow, silky black cherry, plum and vanilla with velvety mocha and subtle tannins on the finish.
Shiraz, Shoofly, South Australia
Supple, bright, fresh red fruit, ripe blackberry, tamarind, nutmeg and a lengthy finish.
Syrah, Excelsior, Robertson Valley, South Africa
Jammy & bursting with succulent cherry, blackberry, licorice, plum and Asian spice.
Zinfandel, DeLoach, Santa Rosa, California
Bright yet rich red currant and raspberry accented with vanilla, chai spice, toasty oak & clove.
Red Blend "Fleur de Lyeth", Sonoma, California
Coats the palate with rich flavors of blueberry and plum accented by subtle strawberry and Bing cherry.
Cabernet Sauvignon, Los Vascos, Colchagua, Chile
Fresh, full-bodied strawberry and raspberry blending smoothly with black pepper & nutmeg.
Cabernet Sauvignon, Buena Vista, Sonoma, California
Aged in French Oak. Rich layers of black cherry wrapped in cocoa, mocha, dark savory spice and cedar.
Cabernet Sauvignon, Justin, Paso Robles, California
Ripe red and black fruit, currants, cherry and blackberry layered with anise, vanilla & spice.
Draft Domestic Yuengling * Harpoon UFO White
Draft Premium Cigar City Jai Alai IPA * Estaminet Belgian Pilsner
Bottle Domestic Budweiser * Bud Light * Michelob Light * Michelob Ultra * O’Douls (NA)
Draft Domestic Yuengling * Harpoon UFO White
Bottle Premium Corona * Heineken * Bass Ale * Samuel Adams * Kingfisher (India)
India Premium Haywards 5000 * Royal Challenge * Taj (650ml)


All of our lamb and chicken dishes are cooked with halal meat.

Please note: there is a $2.50 charge for sharing dishes.
Parties of 6 or more 18% gratuity will be added to the bill.