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About Us

Our Story

Tandoor Indian Restaurant opened in 2001 in south Sarasota. Since then, we have been offering authentic Indian food to the Sarasota community. Tandoor takes the best culinary extravaganza of the great moguls in order to bring a delicious and delightful “repast.”

On a culinary level, it was the East that conquered the West, and the universal popularity of curry is the delicious proof.

Our curry is based on an old family recipe. The types of herbs and spices we use are chosen not only for their flavor, but also for their digestive and nutritional values. We use only the finest ingredients to prepare dishes that are as healthy as they are delicious.

We welcome you to relax and enjoy an exquisite dining experience not just as our guests, but our friends, as you return to those golden times when every meal was a delectable feast.

Our Chef

Swaran Singh has been a vital part in the success of Tandoor since 2012. He has an extensive background in northern Indian cuisine and specializes in creating delicious home style curries. His cooking exudes a passion for tasty and flavorful dishes which have won many amazing awards and praises in Sarasota and Bradenton.


Clay Oven

Tandoor is the Indian name for a special type of clay oven. Centuries ago, the tandoor was introduced to India by the conquering Persians who, at the height of their civilization, came to India from the northwest frontiers, today known as Afghanistan. Tandoor is an igloo shaped clay oven. The inner sides are lined with smooth clay and the outside is heavily insulated. Tandoor is used for making breads and roasting all kinds of meats. Fired by charcoal, the sides of a 900 degree, creating a sealed heat that allows breads, seafood, and meats cooked in it to retain their natural juices and flavors.


Since 2001

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